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Age: -1 Month(s)
Cause of Quarantine: Travel
Pronouns: It/its

Kamala came to Hong Kong for its studies. Due to the covid regulations it has to quarantine for 2 weeks. It cost it a lot of money and it feels very lonely after the first week has passed. And because of the time difference to its home country Kamala can hardly contact its friends, because they are at work when it has free time. Luckily, Kamala has a friend in Hongkong, who is also put under quarantine. They are texting a lot with each other, and share the things they can observe trough their window.


Age: -1 Month(s)
Cause of Quarantine: Close contact to positive Case
Pronouns: She/her

Philip is a local robot, whose friend was tested positive with Covid. Now, she also needs to quarantine, as a preventative measure. Although the shared flat she inhabits is rather large, her room is very small and he is not allowed to leave it. Anyways Robob is not missing out too much, because the whole city is locked down. However, she is extremely bored, because she cannot perform her job online, and therefore has nothing to do, except looking out the window and texting her friend Kamala, who is also under quarantine.