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Photo of Datarium04A63 at RCA2023


Datarium04A63 is a portal connected to the digital world #05A35. It appears to be underwater. Multiple digital creatures of various species and families have been recorded from this portal, including several species of Plasmodata as well as entities of Platystomata and Ommatoporifera.

Datarium04A63是一個連接至數字世界#05A35的傳送門。 它位於水下。 通過這個傳送門我們觀察和記錄到了不同科的多種數字生物,包括幾種不同的Plasmodata以及Platystomata和Ommatoporifera。

Images scanned from Datarium04A63


Extensive research has been conducted to understand the nature of this portal. The only thing we know for sure is that light can come from the other side, the spectrum of which is a bit narrower than visible light, ranging from 410 nm to 680 nm. The intensity of light received is notably low, only visible to the human eye in dark environments. Additionally, ongoing investigations suggest the possibility of other forms of energy or fields, such as force fields, traversing from the digital world #05A35 to our world through the portal. There are also indications that certain information from our side can be transmitted and received by the creatures on the other end. Some studies propose that these creatures can sense environmental factors of our world, such as humidity and temperature, through the portals. Furthermore, they seem to be aware of being observed. Nevertheless, all of these theories remain as hypotheses or potential correlations deduced from recorded data.

研究人員已經進行了廣泛的研究以了解此傳送門的各種性質。 我們目前唯一能確定的是,我們能接收到從另一邊發出的光。它的光譜比可見光窄一點,波長範圍為410納米到680納米。 接收到的光的強度非常低,裸眼只有在黑暗的環境才能看到。 此外,正在進行的調查表明,其他形式的能量或場域,比如力場,可能會通過該傳送門從數字世界 #05A35傳播到我們的世界。 還有跡象表明,我們這邊的某些信息可以被傳送到另一端且被數字生物感知與接收。 研究人員認為,這些生物可以通過該傳送門感知我們世界的某些環境因素,例如濕度和溫度。 此外,他們似乎能意識到自己正在被觀察。 儘管如此,所有這些理論仍然停留在假設或從記錄數據中推斷出的潛在相關性的階段。

Video of Datarium04A63


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© 2023 JohnC | RCA 2023