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Photos of Datarium055BB at RCA2023


Datarium055BB is a portal connected to the digital world #05A35. It appears as a small shallow goldfish tank filled with crude oil-like liquid. It points to an area mainly occupied by Platystomata and thin variations of Plasmodata.

Datarium055BB是一個連接至數字世界#05A35的傳送門。 它看起來像一個裝滿原油狀液體的小型淺金魚缸。 它通往數字世界#05A35中主要由Platystomata和Plasmodata佔據的區域。

Images scanned from Datarium055BB


Datarium055BB seems to be very stable and still. The connection between the peculiar liquid and the leak is unclear yet. Ongoing spectral analysis is being conducted on the substance, and experts anticipate that it will provide us with more insights on this matter. Other than the unusual liquid, Datarium055BB is a relatively uncomplicated portal. Currently, only a low level of light is observed from the other side, and nothing appears to be able to go through from ours.

Datarium055BB似乎非常穩定。 其中的特殊液體與洩漏事件之間的聯繫尚不清楚。 研究人員正在對該物質進行持續的光譜分析,專家認為分析結果將為我們提供有關此該傳送門以及洩漏事件。 除了那些不尋常的液體,Datarium055BB是一個相對易於理解的傳送門。 目前,我們只能觀察到微弱的光線從另一邊傳來。似乎沒有任何物質或信息可以沿另一個方向通過該傳送門。

Video of Datarium055BB


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© 2023 JohnC | RCA 2023