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Datarium 0FF00 - 0FF05 are the first artificial datariums created in the Digital Infiltration Prevention Lab (DIPL). The purpose of creating them is to isolate singular digital creature species for study. The first species we isolated in Datarium 0FF00 and Datarium 0FF01 was Chromociliaris. After that, scientists have successfully isolated several kinds of Plasmodata in Datarium 0FF02 and Datarium 0FF03. The research has been stuck for a long time since then, only until very recently did scientists manage to separate individuals of Platystomata and Ommatoporifera in Datarium 0FF04 and Datarium 0FF05.

Datarium 0FF00 - 0FF05是最早於數字滲入防範實驗室(DIPL)中被製造出來的人造datarium。製造它們的目的是為了隔離出單獨的數字生物物種以供研究。首個於Datarium 0FF00 和Datarium 0FF01中被分離出來的物種是Chromociliaris。在那之後,科學家在Datarium 0FF02與Datarium 0FF03中成功地分離出了好幾種Plasmodata。該項研究曾一度停滯,直到最近科學家才於Datarium 0FF04和Datarium 0FF05中設法隔離出單個Platystomata和Ommatoporifera。

Images of Datarium0FF00-0FF05


Datarium 0FF00 - 0FF05 are placed carefully in Petri dishes filled with the unknown sticky dark liquid from Datarium 055BB. For unidentified reasons, the liquid is the key substance to keep the artificial datariums stable. Datarium 0FF00 - 0FF05 plays a crucial role in lots of the discoveries about digital creatures, including the finding of the inner mechanic of Platystomata and the behaviour pattern of Chromociliaris.

Datarium 0FF00 - 0FF05被小心地放置於充滿來自Datarium 055BB的神秘黑色黏液的培養皿中。這種黑色黏液是保持人造datarium穩定的關鍵物質,然而作用方式目前依然未知。Datarium 0FF00 - 0FF05是取得許多重大突破的關鍵。譬如Platystomata內部的力學關係以及Chromociliaris行為模式的發現均來自針對它們的研究。

Images of Datarium0FF00-0FF05 at An Undefined Covariable

Datarium0FF00-0FF05的相片,拍攝於An Undefined Covariable展覽

Datarium 0FF00 - 0FF05 also have a very high value in showcasing those fascinating creatures to the public as now they are separated in a clean environment, which allows high-quality images of the creatures to be captured. Nowadays, most photos of digital creatures in textbooks and educational materials are produced from Datarium 0FF00 - 0FF05.

Datarium 0FF00 - 0FF05亦在科普方面具有很高的價值。由於它們將不同物種的數字生命置於分開的純淨環境中,取得不同數字生命的清晰圖片變得可能。現如今大多數教科書中關於數字生命的照片均是來自Datarium 0FF00 - 0FF05。

Video of Datarium0FF00-0FF05 at An Undefined Covariable

Datarium0FF00-0FF05的影像,拍攝於An Undefined Covariable展覽

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