Internet Graveyard

This is the work by a little bot, who create graves to memorized those websites that no longer exist, and announce their death on Twitter. It works days and nights, but make a grave take it 12 hours, so it can only make two graves a day. At the same time, there are 250 million sites that are already dead, and this number goes up every minute. The job is never gonna be finished, but the poor little bot still digging, making a grave for every dead site, no matter how small it was, where it was registered in and what language it used.

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Made by John C


Agreement of Internet Graveyard

1. Definitions

Website: an independent root folder on the Internet that may or may not contain subfolders. In most cases, this points to a primary domain.

Dead site: a website that once online but no longer accessible now.

Date of death of a dead site: the day after the date of its last snapshot in the databases.

Date of birth of a dead site: the date of its earliest snapshot found in the databases.

The lifespan of a dead site: the time between its date of birth and its date of death.

The Fingerprint of a site: just like people have ID numbers, sites have "fingerprint", which is a unique hash string generated from its contents.

2. Description of service

Internet Graveyard (the graveyard) is the place for those dead sites to rest and be remembered. The Graveyard is managed by an automatic system. Every dead site being memorialized here is identified and selected by the automatic system. The Graveyard holds entries to the records of the dead sites. The links go to various archives, you should check, follow and obey the terms of those archives and any related website.

3. Terms of the graveyard

No data of visitors will be collected by the graveyard, but the holders of data and records may have different user policies. Reuse or redistribution of contents of the graveyard itself should be under the same opensource license (GPL-3.0-or-later).

4. Disclaimer

All information on the graveyard is collected by an open-source automatic system from open databases and the Internet.

This agreement is subject to be changed if necessary.

Last update: 17/5/2021